Television Cricket League

Cricket is by far the most popular game to be played as well as watched by Indians. Owning to this sport culture, the young and aspiring cricket lovers of VASAVI VENTURES  have started an initiative called the “Television Cricket League – KANNADA”  in the year 2019, for organizing a cricket game to be played by the television artists.

Inspite of cricket not being the country’s national sports, it has never once missed the trend of hitting the most watched television broadcast in the entire country. Every house will have an individual watching cricket and following every match by the schedule. And that is exactly why we think this initiative is a huge opportunity for all the TV artists to showcase their cricketing skills and to be able to entertain their fans, audience and most of all cricket lovers. And so shall all the television serial viewers get a chance to see their favorite TV artists play their favorite game.

So we are ready to start off with a bang, for we are in the Third Season of “Television Cricket League. There is going to be a lot morefun, cheer and of course, a lot of sporting spirit around here. We can already feel the enthusiasm spiriting high!

Getting on with the game details, the league shall be played with a total of six teams, who shall be competing against opposite teams to win the glorified – ‘TELEVISION CRICKET LEAGUE KANNADA TROPHY’. Each match will be a play of 10 over’s for each team respectively. And all of the team’s players will be your favorite and most famous Kannada TV artists, who will be gearing up to show their true sportive nature and cricket talents to embrace the spirit of sports in all of India.

To oversee the success of the matches, the officials from Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) have formulated all the rules and bylaws to be followed at the TELEVISION CRICKET LEAGUE KANNADA TROPHY.

Meet the Team

Mr. Deepak D is Founder and managing director  of TELEVISION CRICKET LEAGUE , Director of Vasavi Ventures and Neerwala India private  limited.

Mr.Manjesh is one  of the Co-founder of TELEVISION CRICKET LEAGUE.

Mr.Manjesh is one  of the Co-founder of TELEVISION CRICKET LEAGUE.

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